Central Plaza Logistic Park Jilava

Central Plaza Logistic Park Jilava

Very close to the Bucharest’s very core, Central Plaza delivers 34.155 sqm of operational space and 1.410 sqm for auxiliary activities. The assembly is situated on the southern sector of the capital’s ring road, in Jilava – Ilfov County, having direct correspondence with A1 (Bucharest – Pitesti) and A2 (Bucharest – Constanta) freeways. Modernly profiled, the unit is designed to host companies belonging to the hole size spectrum of enterprises, looking for top features and great road connectivity.

The main part of the building has a length of 270 m, and a width of 140 m width, and is consisted of 7 operational areas that can be reorganized, separeted on their entire height by a fireproof wall.

The long sides of the structure has a cantilever mezzanine floor. All the spaces are air-conditioned with HVAC system.

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